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StuCred Loan App Boys studying in college are often worried about their expenses. There are times when you have to borrow money from your friends. Many times friends help after seeing the problem, but many times such a time passes where even friends refuse to help.


StuCred Loan App

If you are studying in college and you need money, then in today’s great post, we will tell you about such a loan app from where you can get pocket-money from RS 1000 to RS 10,000 at 0% interest rate. Or the loan can be taken very easily. For detailed information, please read this post completely.


This app works to give loans to boys studying in college as interest-free, “pocket-money”. With the StuCred Students Loan App, you can apply for a loan from anywhere, anytime. With the loan money, you can meet the expenses on studies. This app helps you to build your credit score or CIBIL score before you graduate.

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StuCred Loan App Documents Required

KYC documents have to be uploaded to create a profile on the StuCred Loan app, the list of which is given below.

  • Address Proof (Aadhaar Card)
  • ID Proof (PAN Card)
  • Student ID Card
  • Bank Account Details

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What are the benefits of taking loan from Stucred loan app?

Friends, the following are the benefits of taking loan from Stucred loan app, read below.

  • 100% Online Process.
  • Loan in short time
  • Get the loan amount directly in the bank account.
  • Minimum documents required.
  • Online KYC Process.
  • Loan facility as per requirement.
  • Your documents are safe on this app.

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StuCred Student Loan Eligibility

  • Age Above 18+ Years (You must be over 18 years old)
  • Indian Citizen (Indian citizens can apply for the loan)
  • Address Proof (Aadhaar Card)
  • Bank Account (must have a bank account to take loan money)
  • College ID Card (for student loans)

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StuCred Student Loan (Processing Fee & Charges)

  • Processing fee – ₹ 60 + 18% GST
  • Interest rates – 0%
  • Tenure – 61-120 days.

StuCred Loan App Se Loan Kaise Le ?

StuCred Loan App Se Loan Kaise Le ?


  1. First of all, click on the Apply Now button above, now by clicking on GET STARTED, you will install the StuCred student loan app on your phone.
  2. On the next page you have to register with your phone number.
  3. After registering on the App, a profile will have to be created with the requested documents (Aadhaar/PAN card, College ID, Bank statement, selfie & selfie video).
  4. In a short while your profile will be approved and you will see the credit limit on the screen of the phone.
  5. Now you will fill the loan money, for how many days you are taking the loan, and bank account information.
  6. After completing all the information, you can use the credit limit or send it to the bank account.

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Friends, in today’s blog post, you got to know what is Stucred loan app. With Stucred loan app, how much loan, at what rate of interest, for how long, what should be the qualification and what documents will be required. Friends hope you have liked this post. Friends, keep liking, sharing, commenting on our similar posts. Friends, I will see you again in such a powerful post, for which you gave so much of your precious time, thank you.

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